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Our main obligation is to maintain and protect our natural habitat which matters more to us than any development.

ECO6WAY doo., based in Montenegro, aimed at propagating environmentally conscious technical solutions and perspectives; to strengthen love and respect for nature; and to enable a radical change in the management of the Earth’s natural resources.

We have carefully selected a team with decades of expertise in Hungary and the Europian Union to enter the market in 2019, and continually seek future partners with relevant experience in the field who will expand our portfolio.

ECO6WAY strives to offer every-day solutions with social, environmental and cultural responsibility.



Solar power is the cleanest solution for generating electricity. We know that in a few years' time, solar panels will also help supply electricity in Montenegro.


Combined with electricity storage batteries, it is only possible to use only green energy at home, in companies or public institutions.

System operation:

1. solar panels produce direct current

2. The inverter converts direct current to alternating current

3. the energy produced by the solar cell is consumed by the house or stored in the battery

4. the new two-way meter records how much energy we received from the grid and how much we produced back to the grid. This is accounted for by the electricity supplier.



Bank Loan Opportunities

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The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the European Union (EU) are increasing their support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Western Balkans with the provision of additional financing, following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Bank will provide up to €70 million in new credit lines to partner financial institutions for on-lending to local businesses in Montenegro. The EU is complementing these funds with €15 million to identify and verify the best available equipment and technologies to ensure that SMEs increase their competitiveness and support the shift towards a green economy.


CKB Green Loans

Loan purpose: investment in tangible and intangible assets aimed at improving energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources


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